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5 Different Easter Basket Options



Mar 23rd, 2015

Easter Basket

Most of us grew up having our Easter baskets filled with a variety of candy – from jelly beans, to chocolate eggs, to chocolate rabbits – probably the healthiest thing in most Easter baskets would be the Easter eggs.  A special treat on Easter morning never hurt anyone, but instead of giving the kiddos 5 different types of sugary choose their favorite and use some of these options to fill up their baskets with fun and good-for-you goodies.

1. Berries are nature’s candy – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries; so many options all with their own unique flavor that it’s hard to pick a favorite.  But the best part about these fruits is that they taste sweet like candy, but pack a punch of antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients. 

2. Let your kids be their own Peter Rabbit – Make your basket fun, colorful and festive with – wait for it – real carrots.  And I’m not talking about baby carrots, I’m talking about Bugs Bunny carrots!  Tell your kids that they can be a bunny too with their own authentic carrot.  Even if you only get a few nibbles out of them, it’s still a whole lot better than a handful of jelly beans.  And, even better, put in a pair of fuzzy bunny ears and let their imaginations take hold!  Plus, imagine what a great photo op that will be.

3. Start a new tradition – One of my favorite books of all time as a child was “The Velveteen Rabbit.”  Add a book that is “bunny themed” to your kids baskets and read it together as a family!  It can become a new tradition and something that they can cherish forever!

4. Add something fuzzy and cute! – When my mom was growing up, it was a tradition for the kids to get a real baby chick or baby duckling for Easter.  Now, I’m not saying to turn your back yard into a farm yard, but you could easily get some adorable wind-up toys that are fun, fuzzy and in theme!  Plus, if your kids are small, they’ll keep them entertained for quite awhile.

5. Make it fun! – There are plenty of games you can create or print out to make Easter Day fun for the kids (and educational without them even knowing it!)  Want your kids to learn the story of Easter?  Create a word search and talk about it together (find some free printables here).  Want them to tap into their creativity?  Give them a set of Easter-themed coloring crayons and sheets that they can color (find free printables here). 

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