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Salad In A Jar | Getting Your Greens On The Go!



Apr 30th, 2015

Salad in a Jar Banner

We always have the best of intentions when it comes to eating right and making healthy food choices throughout our day.  But sometimes, the biggest things that holds us back are convenience and portability.  And that hasn’t always been in a salad…until now.

The next time you’re getting your lunch ready in the morning, we challenge you to try this: Salad in a Mason Jar.  Seriously.  Throw all your ingredients in there, slap the lid on and go!  But wait…there is an art to packing the perfect Salad in a Mason Jar, and we’re going to show you the right way to do it.

Salad Fixings

1. Big Mason Jars Work Better! Trust us on this one; you’re going to want to get the 32 oz sized mason jars.  It allows you to get all of your ingredients & goodness in the jar, as well as leave room for mixing it all together.

2. Save Time with Prep. Don’t spend all this time chopping away.  Instead, get all of your salad goodies in our Fresh to Go section!  Carrots, peppers, onions – whatever you decide to put into your salad, it’s all sliced, diced and ready to go!

3. Salad in a Mason Jar is like an Ogre… they have layers!  The key to assembling your Salad in a Mason Jar is all in the layers!  Start with salad dressing, then a firmer veggie (like a carrot), then your other veggies, your greens, top with nuts and/or cheese and put a lid on it.

Salad in a Jar

4. Shake it up! When you’re ready to eat it, keep the lid on and shake it!  All of the ingredients will mix together perfectly for your ultimate, perfect salad.

And that’s it!  Tell us: have you tried Salad in a Mason Jar?  What did you put in yours?

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