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Jun 20th, 2015

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Toast has always been one of those types of food that was a “I’m running late and need to shove something in my face so I get some sort of breakfast!”  But who says that your toast has to be an after thought sort of breakfast?  Furthermore, who says toast just has to be for breakfast?  Introducing 4 ways to up your toast game: Everyday Toasts.

The Early Bird

Get your fill of protein, avocado & veggies to give you the perfect nutritious breakfast your body needs to start the day!
Get the recipe here.

Early Bird

The Yoga Instructor

After a workout, your body needs nutrients.  Feed it with this nutrition-packed toast.
Get the recipe here.


The Sweet Tooth

Have a serious sweet tooth?  Instead of a candy bar, try this alternative that will satisfy your sweet craving.
Get the recipe here.

sweet tooth

The Night Owl

We’ve all been guilty of late-night snacking.  But with this toast, there’s no reason to feel guilty for eating it.
Get the recipe here.

Night Owl

Tell us in the comments: which Everyday Toast do you want to try?

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