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Think Outside the Lunch Box

Annessa Chumbley, RD


Aug 3rd, 2015

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Constant PB&J, although a classic, can get old really quickly!  Are there some fun, delicious, nutritious, and simple ways to change up that lunch box? Of course! 

Here are some creative but healthy ways to think outside the (lunch) box: 
Flavor Variety
Use a different sauce or spread; something as simple as pesto, olive tapenade, or sundried tomato spread on a turkey wrap really boosts the variety of flavor.

Change the shape!
It’s funny how important shapes are for kids, but it’s true! Cutting the wrap into pinwheels, slicing the apple into fry shapes, the cheese into cubes…all makes it more approachable and edible when it becomes finger-food 

DIY: make your own “Lunchable”.
For example, cut cheese slices into smaller squares, use small circles of Canadian bacon, a stack of pickles, etc, all in different sections so your child can create their own bites. 

Put pieces of cheese, sliced sandwich flats or pitas, turkey or ham cubes, veggies, etc, on a kabob stick so little fingers can easily slide off food and eat a fun and creative lunch! Serve it with a delicious dip for even more flavor. 

Dessert Swap-out.
Include some kind of delicious fruit in place of dessert. Our Strawberry-Lemonade Fruit Leather is a great sweet snack to include in a lunch box. It’s sweet and chewy, but has kept all the fruit so it has the health benefit of fiber and vitamins! 
Have a go-to lunch box essential for your kids? Share it with us in the comments! 

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