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Flavors of Fall: Apple Season!

Jessica Jarrett


Oct 4th, 2016

apple pie

Fall means apple picking, apple cider and apple cobbler! Although you can find apples at your local store year round, apples tend to be crisper, juicier and tastier during the fall months, as they are in season. Snacking on apples is always a great idea but this fall, try out new apple recipes, like these three seasonal desserts, each featuring a different type of apple.

Granny Smith Apples

October is the perfect time to buy Granny Smith apples! Because Granny Smith apples are more acidic than most other apples, they will take longer to brown after you cut into them. Dice up some Granny Smith apples and add them to your salad or yogurt parfait for a sweet yet tart tang this fall. For dessert, try this Campfire Apple Cobbler recipe! Featuring 12 cups of Granny Smith apples, this festive fall dessert could not be more perfect for your next family gathering.

Campfire Apple Cobbler

Gala Apples

Although Gala apples first ripen in mid-August, that doesn’t mean you missed the Gala apple boat! Throughout the fall season, Gala apples will continue to harvest and can add vital nutrients and natural sweetness to recipes like this Dutch Apple Pie Smoothie! Simply chop a half cup of Gala apples, leaving the skin on, and add to a blender along with other recipe ingredients. Combining Gala apples with cinnamon and vanilla extract makes for the perfect fall pie-inspired smoothie, and don’t forget to garnish with more chopped apples for a festive finishing touch!

Dutch Apple Smoothie

Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady apples are ideal for eating plain because they are naturally sweet but are also great in baked desserts, like this Easy Apple Tart. When baked in a tart or pie, the Pink Lady apple will hold its shape, giving your dessert a rustic look. This clever twist on the all-American apple pie can be thrown together in a matter of minutes, giving you extra time to enjoy your hard work. Cut your apple into rings and create a work of art that is perfectly sweet, too!

Apple Tart

Bonus Tip: Keep Apples Fresher

This apple season, don’t let anything go to waste! Keep apples from browning by simply adding lemon or honey to a bowl of water, soaking your apple slices for five minutes and done! This easy trick will keep your apple slices fresher until lunch time. Watch the video below!

For more fall favorites, check out our Pinterest page!

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