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Infused Lemonades: A Refreshing Summer Twist!

Erin Swearingen


Jun 28th, 2017

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With temperatures warming up and summertime right around the corner, there is nothing better than a refreshing ice cold beverage, or more specifically, a delicious lemonade. We have four unique lemonade recipes to share with you, and we know they will become summer staples. Whether you are dreaming of the perfect pink lemonade frozen treat or craving a new twist on the classic Arnold Palmer, we’ve got a lemonade recipe perfect for you. Find all the ingredients you need for these tasty treats at your local Starmarket store and add them to your dinner, pool party or backyard bash menu this summer!

Mint & Honey Lemonade

This naturally refreshing twist on lemonade is a great way to beat the heat with sweet, crisp flavor. The mint and honey-infused syrup creates a new take on classic lemonade. 


Pink Lemonade with Frozen Grapes

This lightly blended pink lemonade is a colorful, frozen treat that will add a fun touch of color to any kids (or adults!) party! The frozen grapes will take your lemonade to a whole new level while keeping your drink ice cold in even the warmest weather.


Vanilla & Lemongrass Arnold Palmer

This new take on the classic Arnold Palmer is perfect for sipping around the picnic table with friends and family at a summer barbecue. The unique simple syrup makes it the perfect pairing for your favorite summer grilling entrées.   

Vanilla & Lemongrass Arnold Palmer

Ginger & Basil Lemonade

Who would have thought to put ginger and basil into lemonade, right? This summer, you won’t regret this new way to enjoy lemonade. Combine this refreshing recipe with your favorite watermelon salad, and in minutes you will have a perfectly light appetizer.

For more recipe inspiration, follow our Pinterest page and get “pinspired!”  Discover easy, fun recipes you can make this summer and impress your guests all season long!

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