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Unreal Halloween – Your Chance to Meet Tom Brady



Oct 24th, 2017

People of Earth: Tom Brady needs your help recovering his UNREAL Halloween chocolate, stolen by former friend, Paul of Planet Ketarpu, who shall henceforth be known as the most villainous being in the entire galaxy.

UNREAL is the TB12 approved chocolate company founded by two teenage brothers on a mission to unjunk the world — reinventing America’s favorite chocolate snacks, using the best tasting, 100% real, non-GMO, organic, responsibly-sourced, Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, less sugar and creative twists – without sacrificing any of the taste people crave.

This Halloween, Unreal is giving you the opportunity to meet Tom Brady in person – by joining him on his mission to reclaim is Unreal chocolate from Paul!

Tom has hidden 200 Unreal tickets with secret codes inside Unreal Halloween boxes, with every code guaranteeing the recipient an autographed prize, and three special skeleton keys granting the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to join Tom Brady in-person for an UNREAL adventure after football season.

But there’s more – Unreal has also created a one-of-a-kind space-flight simulator, to help people train for the mission with Tom.  Anyone who wants to test their skills as Tom Brady’s co-pilot can do so at unrealhalloween.com

Unreal Snacks - Tom Brady Game Console

With one week to go before Halloween, there are still over 150 Unreal tickets and all 3 special skeleton keys out there, in Unreal Halloween boxes nationwide – so get to your local Star Market while there is still time, grab a lucky box of Unreal Halloween chocolate, and help Tom bring back good!

Details at www.getunreal.com

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