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Father’s Day: Which “Dad” Is Most Like Yours?

Erin Swearingen


Jun 13th, 2018

This Father’s Day, cook up the perfect recipe for Dad, sure to fill his stomach and heart with love! Read on to find five different Dad personas and the Father’s Day recipe just right for him!


The “Cool” Dad

Bio: You can usually find this dad rocking a spirited Tommy Bahama shirt dabbing with the best of them and he would never, and we mean NEVER, turn down a rap battle. He keeps the other parents young by making sure they are up to date on all the new lingo the kids are using these days. “LOL” means “lots of love,” right? He knows all the words to your favorite songs and has a large repertoire dad jokes. Even though you sometimes get embarrassed by his outrageous behavior, he can ALWAYS put a smile on your face and you wouldn’t trade him for the world. 

Go-To Dad Joke:

“Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?”

“For the drizzle!”

Perfect Father’s Day Recipe: Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas…emphasis on the “cheesy”


The Fix-it Dad

Bio: Is your dad constantly starting new projects around the house and has a never ? If your dad is no nonsense and lives for the satisfaction of a job well done, you may have a “Fix-It” Dad on your hands. He knows that anything is fixable with a little bit of duct tape and, on the weekends, he can usually be found in the garage with his nose in another project. While his need to fix everything can be a bit overwhelming, there truly is no problem your “Fix-It” Dad can’t solve. A flat tire? Done. A clogged drain? Done. A broken heart? No problem.

Go -To Dad Joke:

Cashier: “Would you like the milk in a bag, sir?”

Dad: “No, just leave it in the carton!”

Perfect Father’s Day Recipe: Chicken Club Breakfast Bagel, quick, classic and will never let you down, just like Dad.


The Outdoorsy Dad

Bio: If your Dad is drawn to adventure, no matter how scary, and is constantly finding new ways to become one with nature, then your dad may just be the Outdoorsy type. He is a firm believer that anything and everything can be cooked over a grill and knows that meat is a must in every meal. While you are growing sick of his story about the mountain lion in the woods, you know you wouldn’t have been able to survive this long without him and he has armed you with life skills and tons of camping, hiking and biking memories you’ll never forget.

Go-To Dad Joke: “I hate German Sausages… they are the wurst!”

Perfect Father’s Day Recipe: Open Nature Sausage Sandwich with Fig Mustard and an Arugula Salad… which is really just a fancy hotdog.



The Master Chef Dad

Bio: If your dad is the Chef of the house, he is most likely watching foodie shows and trying new, daring recipes every night. On the weekends, he will have you and your siblings working together in the kitchen learning all of his tips and tricks to a great meal and preparing food for the next week. He is a hard worker and knows that there isn’t anything that a good home cooked meal can’t fix. Always exhibiting patience and a willingness to let you crack the eggs, no matter how many shells get in the batter, your dad is one of kind and always lets you know you can come back home again.

Go-To Dad Joke:

“What did the baby corn say to its mom?”

“Where’s my popcorn?”

Perfect Father’s Day Recipe: Impressing him could be challenging but this Ham & Egg Breakfast Pizza should do the trick!


The Coach Dad

Bio: Is your dad always volunteering to coach, no matter the sport? Hockey? Sure! Football? You bet! Cheerleading? He’ll figure it out as he goes! While he may be reliving his glory days through you, at the end of the day, he is your number one fan on and off the field and could write the playbook on being an awesome dad. Teaching you important lessons on sportsmanship and teamwork, your memories of your dad sporting a whistle and jersey are always your favorite.

Go-To Dad Joke:

“What insects make a bad quarterback?”

“A fumble bee!”

Perfect Father’s Day Recipe: The classic—Perfectly Grilled T-Bone Steak

So which “Dad” is your dad most like? A fixer of all things broken? Your number one fan? Maybe your own personal chef? Is your dad constantly cracking you up? Or maybe, your dad is a unique combination of all of the above! This Father’s Day, try a new recipe Dad is sure to love and comment what type of Dad yours is below, even if it’s not listed here.

Happy Father’s Day!


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