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Susan Morris Executive Vice President, OperationsStar Market Store

Star Retail Positions

At Star Market, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of grocery and general merchandise retail offerings. If you’re interested in an hourly store associate position, our Star Market stores can offer you many great options.

Retail Positions (Including Pharmacy Technicians)

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Star Market is a company where you’ll find a wide variety of areas that offer rewarding careers in Retail Management, Merchandising, Marketing, Finance/Accounting, Information Technology, Retail Store Design, Real Estate, Human Resources and many more.

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Shaws Pharmacy Positions

Star Market pharmacies can provide you a rewarding career. Our success is the result of meaningful patient relationships, exceptional pharmacy teams, cutting-edge technology and our clinical programs. We provide an environment that allows our pharmacists to offer exceptional patient care and utilize their clinical skills to improve patient outcomes.

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Shaw's Supply Chain Positions

Grocery retailers across the nation rely on our on-time deliveries, product availability, procurement strength and support services to keep their businesses thriving. Opportunities could be hourly or salaried (may be union or non-union depending on the facility).

You can search for available positions, such as: manager, buyer, superintendent, supervisor, computer operator, inventory control coordinator, accuracy control monitors, human resource specialist, quality control inspectors, department specialist, order selector, vehicle maintenance, maintenance specialist and clerk.

Driver Positions


All Other Supply Chain Positions


 Military Veterans

Military Veterans

Why Work at Star Market?

Join the exciting, fast-paced store and pharmacy environments at Star Market. Star Market offers career opportunities throughout the United States to talented people with the determination to make a difference for our customer. Not only does Star Market offer a comprehensive benefits package, it’s also a unique workplace where opportunities abound.

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