.Eating Healthy with Diabetes

Join us for a FREE Eating Healthy with Diabetes™ grocery store tour

In just 90 minutes, receive an information-packed experience in your neighborhood grocery store and key information to inspire healthful food choices to feel better and achieve better blood sugars.

During the tour, the dietitian focuses on:

  • 3 steps to carb-counting success
  • Creating your diabetes-friendly plate
  • Your free foods shopping list
  • Best options in important aisles of the store
  • Portion size tips

The store’s pharmacist wraps up the tour with information about glucose meters, testing tips, vaccinations, A1c testing and other health screenings, group classes and other services available for individuals with diabetes and prediabetes.

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*This information will be shared with a local registered dietitian in your area who will contact you regarding upcoming tours.

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