.Worker’s Comp

Fill your workers’ compensation prescriptions at one of our convenient pharmacy locations

No one wants to be injured on the job, but accidents do happen. When accidents happen, injured workers can be assured that Star Market gladly accepts most Workers’ Compensation Prescriptions. Our experienced pharmacy staff is ready to assist injured workers by answering questions and helping to expedite the process of filling their prescriptions.

Easy Step-by-Step Process for Using Star Market Workers’ Compensation Prescription Services
  • Injured workers bring their Workers’ Compensation prescription to one of our locations
  • Patients answer a few personal questions relevant to injury and employer
  • Star Market files your insurance paperwork for you
  • Star Market fills your prescription with NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS*
  • Patients are on the road to recovery

For Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to expedite the process for your patient. You may download a PDF version of our Fax Cover Sheet. Fill-in a few lines with the patients required information, attach the prescription and fax it into one of our convenient pharmacy locations. We will do our best to have that prescription filled and ready to go by the time your patient arrives.

Employer Fax Sheet

For Patients

If you are a workers’ compensation patient and would like to expedite the process at your pharmacy.You may download a PDF version of our patient profile sheet to complete. Simply take the completed form and your prescription(s) to any of our conveniently located pharmacies and we will begin to process your order using the information you listed on the form. Most claims are filled within 15 minutes and with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Patient Fax Sheet

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